Pilots & Operators

  1. Airfield Information

    Get basic information regarding the airfield.

  2. Airmap

    Check out our interactive airspace data.

  3. AWOS

  4. Drone User Information

    Please view the drone user information for Boulder City.

  5. FBO Services

    FBO is a Fix Base Operator offering ground handling operations and more.

  6. Hangar Information

    Aircraft Parking: Hangar or Tie down

  7. Independent Operators

    An Independent Operator (Non-FBO Provider) is defined in Airport Rules Regulations and Minimum Standards as a single service aeronautical activity that does not fit the requirements of an FBO.

  8. Ground Vehicle Operations

    To obtain driving privileges on the airport in the AMA you must successfully pass a written test scoring 80% or better.

  9. Tie Down Spaces Available

    The Boulder City Airport offers multiple locations for Transient and Long Term parking.

  10. Weather Information