Homeless and Trespassing Laws

For Business Owners: 

The Trespassing Letter Program enables business owners in the City of Boulder City to place an NRS 207.200 (Trespassing) letter on file with the Boulder City Police Department. Submit a letter to the Boulder City Police Department requesting our assistance with trespass enforcement; a sample letter and more details are in the link below.  Business owners must also post “no trespassing” signs in visible locations.    


Boulder City Police Department's Trespassing Letter Program

Download a No Trespassing Sign

For Public Properties: 

Experiencing housing instability/homelessness is not a crime, as has been ruled and affirmed by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Police cannot arrest someone for sitting/sleeping in a City park during operating hours, and cannot forcibly take someone to a shelter in another community. However, if you see someone panhandling, trespassing, or urinating in public, these are violations of City ordinances and you should call police immediately at 702.293.9224

Boulder City Police and staff are doing what they can with compassion, humanity, and respect for the law. When police or staff see someone in need, we can share information on services provided at various human service agencies (visit www.bcnv.org/help for a listing of organizations). 

The Boulder City Police Department, Fire Department, Community Development, Parks and Recreation Department, City Attorney Brittany Walker and City Manager Taylour Tedder are working with representatives of Emergency Aid, Clark County Social Services and the Southern Nevada Homelessness Continuum of Care to discuss how to address this issue. Southern Nevada Homelessness Continuum of Care is an organization that provides wrap-around services and assistance from professionals who can ensure the appropriate level of care. 

Boulder City Hospital, in coordination with the City of Boulder City, created a Community Resources program to address housing and food insecurity, mental health issues and more. Boulder City earmarked $100,000 a year for four years (2023-2026) towards the program. Details at www.bchcares.org/community-resources/.