Projects in Boulder City

Projects in Design:

Remodel Cottage 3 at ABC Park for Lend a Hand

Renovations at Cottage 3 at ABC Park will allow the vacant building to be used by Lend a Hand, a local nonprofit who provides services to the elderly and mobility challenged members of the community. Work will include renovation of the interior of the cottage to make it suitable for an office use with a lobby waiting room area for patrons. The dirt area to the southeast will also be paved for general parking. The design is complete and been submitted for permitting, waiting for environmental clearance from Clark County.

Intersection Improvements Program

A variety of enhancements are available that can benefit existing intersections throughout the City. Enhancements include GPS Opticom system equipment, providing left turn phasing separate from pedestrian walk intervals, timing signals to encourage desired vehicle speeds, and providing leading pedestrian interval timing to give enhanced pedestrian services. 100% plans have been received and now requesting construction funding from RTC.

Railroad Museum Road

A new roadway will be designed and constructed to serve the new Railroad Museum and Linear Park. The new road will run from Yucca Street to the New Railroad Museum location near Boulder City Parkway and Buchanan Boulevard. 

Industrial Road Reconstruction

Each year the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) provides the city with funding to conduct pavement reconstructions including removal and replacements of sections of concrete curb and gutter, sidewalk, and driveways. Fiscal Year 20 funding is for the reconstruction of Industrial Road from Yucca Street to Canyon Road. The design complete, requesting construction funding from RTC. 

Pavement Management System

The City conducted an evaluation of all City owned and maintained streets using the PASER Asphalt Road Manual to develop the 2019 Pavement Management System Report and a 5-year plan for the maintenance of all City streets. GCW, Inc. was selected as the firm to provide program management, design, and construction management services for the pavement management system. Utilizing funding from RTC, GCW has begun the design of the Nevada Way Rehabilitation project. 

BC Parkway Shade Structures

Shade structure amenities are being designed/constructed in conjunction with the recent completion of the Boulder City Parkway Complete Street Project. Four shade structures will be built over existing bus stop locations, and three pedestrian shade structure areas will be designed and constructed along Boulder City Parkway and Veterans Memorial Drive. Funding for the project will come from the RTC. Concept drawings have been received and reviewed by staff.

Bicycle Facilities FY20-21 Rehabilitation

In order to develop a safe, connected, and convenient bicycling system that serves as a viable transportation and recreation asset, the City has partnered with the RTC for funding to conduct the Bicycle Facilities Rehabilitation Project. Consultant is beginning design for funding received for Fiscal Year 21.

BC Parkway Complete Street Improvements Phase II

The City, in partnership with the RTC, is working on transforming Boulder City Parkway from an incomplete street into a functional and accommodating roadway with multiple transportation alternatives. Improvements include improving existing multiuse paths, new multiuse paths to complete path connectivity, intersection improvements, pedestrian crossing improvement, and median and roadway improvements. Phase II project area is Boulder City Parkway from the intersection of Nevada Way and Buchanan Boulevard to Pacifica Way. The funding agreement for design has been approved by the RTC. 

Electric Projects

  • Feeder 53 Replacement San Felipe – Mendota – By installing an underground distribution feeder along San Felipe Drive and Mendota Drive from Adams Boulevard to Georgia avenue and tie the feeder into the existing lateral at the four locations, a feeder tie between Substation 3 and Substation 5 will be created which improves service reliability in the area. 
  • Circuit 45-61-62 Tie – Reconstruction of the Circuit 45-61-62 Tie is necessary for service reliability in the area. 
  • Circuit 63-64 Tie – Reconstructing the Circuit 63-64 Tie will provide more system reliability and circuit switch ability in the Temple Rock Road area. 

Projects in Construction:

Neighborhood Rehabilitation Program FY20-21

Each year the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) provides the city with funding to conduct the Neighborhood Rehabilitation Program. Neighborhood rehabilitation for streets include crack and slurry seal that improves the driving surface and lengthens the lifespan of the asphalt. For Fiscal Year 21 funding, the crack sealing portion is complete, and the slurry seal portion will begin in September.

BC Tap to Buchanan Overhead Line

The existing power poles from BC Tap to Buchanan are approximately 56 years old. This project is to replace the wood poles, transmission, and distribution wires from the BC Tap Substation through Substation 3 at Adams boulevard and River Mountain Drive to Adams Boulevard and Buchanan Boulevard.  New steel poles are currently being installed. 

Arizona Street Feeder

This project is among several projects to upgrade the electrical feeders for Substation 1 located at 500 Railroad Avenue. This portion of the project consists of infrastructure improvements in two sections along and adjacent to Arizona Street from Nevada Way to Cherry Street, and from Cherry Street to Substation 1. All conduit on Arizona Street have been installed.