Group Opportunities

The Public Works Department has several opportunities for Eagle Scouts or other local volunteer groups to complete a project for the City of Boulder City.

If your group is interested in volunteering, please contact the City’s Public Works Superintendent, Gary Poindexter, at 702-293-9200 or via Email. Also, the Volunteer Community Service Form(PDF) needs to be completed, signed, and returned to the Human Resource office.

Tree and Shrub Cleanup

A fantastic way for groups to volunteer with the City is to offer to help with tree and shrub cleanup and maintenance.

The Problem

In many locations throughout Boulder City, trees and shrubs from yards hang over the sidewalk. In some locations, branches hang over the curb into the street. This makes it dangerous for larger vehicles to travel down the street and the City’s street sweeper is unable to sweep all the way to the curb.

Occasionally, street signs or regulatory signs are blocked by vegetation. Even though the present homeowner may not have planted the trees and vegetation causing the problem, they are still responsible for maintenance per the City Code.

How to Volunteer to Prune Shrubs

City staff recognizes that pruning trees can be a challenging task, especially for the senior population of the community. Staff feels that this could be a great Eagle Scout project. In order to perform a project such as this, the group or Eagle Scout would need to receive the approval of the resident to prune the vegetation and/or trees. Next, a group of hard-working individuals would need to be organized to complete the task.

Past Success Story

Recently, a group of young Scouts inspected City streets and noted all the locations where the blue, raised pavement markers used to identify fire hydrants are missing. This group of young men provided the City with maps depicting the missing markers. While these particular Scouts are too young to be out in the street installing the blue markers, this would be a great Eagle Scout project!

Speaking of fire hydrants, many in town are in need of painting--another great opportunity for an aspiring Eagle Scout or other local group that would like to give back to the community!