Capital Improvement Resident Suggestion

The City of Boulder City is gathering input from the community on potential Capital Improvement Projects for the City's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) process. 

Minimum requirements to qualify for the Capital Improvement Plan

  • Improvement cost must exceed $25,000 or more.  When determining the cost of a capital improvement, this includes the design cost, construction costs, and materials cost.
  • The project must be new or an upgrade to an existing asset, and not maintenance-related
  • Must have a useful life of five-years or longer

What are some examples of Capital Projects?

Examples of capital projects include:

  • Making improvements to public playgrounds or parks
  • Installing accessibility ramps on public property
  • Renovating public buildings 
  • Installing new benches or street lights
  • Resurfacing a basketball court

What are examples of things that are Maintenance NOT Capital Projects?

  • Repairing a sidewalk
  • Mowing lawns or planting new flowers or bushes
  • Repairing a street light (i.e., burnt out light or broken pole)
  • Repainting street markings (i.e., street centerlines, stop bars, crosswalks)

For project ideas that focus on more of a maintenance issue (such as the above examples), please submit the issue through the City’s “Report a Concern” page. 

Submit your Idea!

Are you ready to submit a Capital Improvement Project idea?  Please click this link to fill in our submission form.