Capital Improvement Plan

Each year the City develops a five-year capital improvement plan.  The first year of the plan contains projects that are intended to be funded for construction during that fiscal year, and the remaining four years identify projects that are planned to be funded for those years.  As conditions and priorities change, or as additional funding may become available (or unavailable), projects in outlying years can be moved up or added to the project list with each successive five-year CIP document.

Boulder City initiates the five-year CIP process in July of each year, with the goal of adopting a tentative document December, and the final CIP document by May - then starting all over again to start for the following year.  Below you will find documents for the most recently adopted Plan, and the draft documents for our upcoming fiscal year.
  1. Approved FY23 CIP
  2. Approved FY22 CIP
  3. Ongoing CIP Projects

The following is a link to the ClearGov project page.  

The following is a link to the ClearGov Approved FY23 CIP.