Land Management Process

The Land Management Process is a transparent annual process to solicit public input on the possible lease or sale of City owned land. A summary of the process is provided.


The Ordinance

The Land Management Process was first adopted in 2001. It was in response to citizen requests that wanted a more transparent process when the City was considering the sale or lease of city-owned land. It also provided an early opportunity for surrounding property owners to provide valuable input in the process. 

What is the process to add parcels to the List?

Any parcel approved by the City Council for potential sale or lease is added to the "List".  Every August, the City advertises in the local paper to solicit proposals for possible addition to the Land Management List. The proposals can be submitted by businesses, developers, or citizens. The City Council considers the requests each October, and determines which merit further consideration. These are sent to the Planning Commission for their input and recommendation. Prior to this hearing, property owners within 300 feet are notified. Following the hearing and public input, the Planning Commission submits its recommendation to the City Council.

The City Council typically holds a public hearing prior to February 15 to consider the Planning Commission recommendation. The City Council makes a determination whether to add the proposal to the List.

Adding a parcel to the List does not guarantee that the site will ever be developed. This is only the first step in the process, providing the public the first opportunity to give input on development of City-owned land.  The public will have additional opportunities to provide input depending on potential changes in zoning, Master Plan or if the parcel is to be considered for sale, voter approval.

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Land Management Process

Step What happens
Notice of Application Period The City Clerk publishes a notice in the newspaper to announce that the City will accept applications for parcels to be added to the List.  Application period begins September 1st.  Deadline is generally the last Thursday of September
Acceptance of Applications City accepts new requests for parcels to be included on the List each September
Initial Review City Council performs an initial review of the submissions.  Those it desires to consider are forwarded to the Planning Commission for additional review.  This review typically takes place in October
Planning Commission Review The Planning Commission holds a public hearing for each of the proposed parcels.  Property owners within 300 feet of the subject parcel(s) are sent a hearing notice with the date and time of the hearing so that they may offer their comments.  The Planning Commission at the conclusion of the hearing provides their recommendations for City Council consideration.  This hearing typically takes place in November.
Final Review The City Council holds a public hearing, receives the recommendations by the Planning Commission, and determines whether or not to include the proposed parcel on the List with a specified use.  This review typically takes place in December - January, but no later than February 15 of the following year.
Implementation  Parcels added to the List are automatically brought back to the City Council every three years for re-evaluation.  If no activity has occurred with the parcel since it was added to the List, the City Council may remove it from the List.